August 2 to 7, 1910 Staid at Alexandria Bay. Saw the races on 4 and 5. Left on 6 after bidding Clarks goodbye. Jay was sick. On the 6th ran to Blind Bay where we put in the night. On the 7th ran to Ogdensburg. Lay at St. Germain's.

Monday, August 8, 1910 Left Ogdensburg about 3:15 after putting in 60 gallons of gasoline at 12¢. Ran to Iroquois where we lay all night. Bought meat and eggs (17¢). We will pack some eggs in silicate of soda.

Tuesday, August 9, 1910 Left Iroquois 6 a.m. and ran to Cornwall. Tied up at same place. Took all canals and had a great run. Made 15 miles an hour. At one place got back of a lot of big boats and tied up early.

Wednesday, August 10, 1910 Rain all morning. Left at 1 p.m. and ran through to the Cedars on the Solanges Canal. Averaged 8 miles and engine slowed down all the way. Got some rough on St. Francis latter part. Will sleep at the Cedars.

Thursday, August 11, 1910 Left the Cedars at 6 a.m. but were held up badly all along the Solange. Had a nice run through St. Louis and encountered a thunderstorm in the Lachine Canal. Got back of a bunch of boats and had a nice run through the bridges. Lay at the old place in Montreal. Saw the old watchman.

Friday, August 12, 1910 Left Montreal at 4:30 a.m., getting through the locks at 5:25. Met the Quebec. Had an elegant run through the St. Lawrence making Sorel at 10:30. Ran to St. Charles that evening.

Saturday, August 13, 1910 Left St. Charles and ran to Chambly Basin. Touched once on left side of island channel on right hand side near shore. Locked through. Met lots of boats. Ran through to Rouse's Point. Lots of weeds in river but all OK.

Sunday, August 14 to Friday, August l9, 1910 Left Rouse's Point Friday, August 19. It blew hard Wednesday and Thursday. Ran with the Emeline to Burlington. Ran over Point au Fer reef but did not touch. Near Schuyler Island met Cox of the (word unclear) of Harrison-and ran with him to Port Henry, making the run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 24, 1910 Lay in Port Henry.

Wednesday, August 24, 1910 Left P.H. with Charles Holms. Ran to Whitehall. Licked through about dark and tied up during the night. A (word unclear) put us in a pocket but by pushing out the last boat, we got out and ran along the (apparently this sentence is unfinished). Tied up to a tug. Got 30 gallons of gas at 15¢.

Thursday, August 25, 1910 Started from Whitehall at 4:30 a.m. and ran to Mechanicsville about 6 p.m. Toured the Delta (this could be "towed"). Minnich of Whitney stores. From Whitehall to Albany good run.

Friday, August 26, 1910 Left Mechanicsville at 8:10 a.m. and towed to the weigh lock behind a tug to steady him. Ran through and made Albany all OK. Tied up at the Yacht Club.

Saturday, August 27, 1910 Left the Albany Yacht Club at 8:40 after the Day boat and ran to Poughkeepsie, reaching there at 7:30 p.m. Dark. Met the (words unclear) at Rondout. She went through to Poughkeepsie. Got a mooring and tied up.

[Note by ABM: I find on consulting a map of New York state that it is "Mechanicville" without an "s" so strike the "s" on page 5 wherever Mechanicville is mentioned.]

Sunday, August 28, 1910 Left Poughkeepsie Yacht Club at 8:10 a.m. and had a fine run to N.Y. Stopped at the Colonial Yacht Club at Dr. Holmes' invitation. Tied up and afterward had to move in a fierce tide.

Monday, August 29, 1910 Still at Columbia Yacht Club. Moved 3 times in 24 hours. Got some rollers from the big boats.