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Tin Tent Tour Video Playlist
50 min long

Play the entire 15 chapter sequence of videos using the window below. The entire sequence is about 50 minutes long. Following "Next Page" links on each page will take you to video players for each individual chapter. Follow this link to skip past the videos and begin the daily narrative section of the Tin Tent Tour.

The series of videos chronicles the highlights of our six-month long, 2003, US camping tour. We pulled our hard-sided, Aliner-brand pop-up camper, that we call our "Tin Tent", on a 180-day, 100-campground tour of many of the national parks across the US. The first two chapters provide an overview of where we went and give some detail about our little camper. The following 13 chapters consists of a collection of our favorite photographs from the trip with explanatory voiceover and background music.

All the photos were taken by a humble little Canon PowerShot S410 Digital Elph. Photos were edited using PaintShop Pro 7. Audio was recorded and edited using Roxio Sound Editor and the video was assembled in 9:16, 720p, using Roxio VideoWave 10.

(Be sure to select 720pHD on the video "Quality" control at the
bottom of each video player window for best playback quality.)

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