Aliner Campers

We chose an Aliner solid-wall folding camper for our trip. We wanted something simple and light-weight that was quick to put up, had most of the convieniences and hard walls. The Aliner filled the bill for us.

Aliner Solid Wall Folding Campers are built by Columbia Northwest, Inc. They have a loyal customer base. As with every interest, there's an active owner's club that maintains their own web site with lots of useful information. In addition, the club maintains a group site on Yahoo for owners exchange ideas. It's a very active site.

Cross Country Skiing

We are very active in our Nordic ski club, The Kick 'n Gliders Nordic Ski Club. Based in the Harrisburg, PA, area, the club runs about a dozen weekend and extended trips a year and is very active. We have each served the club in multiple ways, running trips and holding offices. Bill is the club's webmaster


We took a US Coast Guard Auxiliary boating course when we purchased our first tiny sailboat about 1971. Bill was active in the organization for many years, mainly in the Lancaster flotilla leadership, teaching public and membership courses and in developing training materials. As both a learning opportunity and social boating connections, membership in the organization was invaluable.

We keep our boat at The Sailing Emporium in Rock Hall, MD. It is a great marina. Family owned and operated, it is a lovely place.

We also belong to a couple of boating clubs: