Contacting Us and/or Subscribing to Updates


This link will open and address an e-mail message on your computer's e-mail system. If you're using a web page based e-mail system like Yahoo or Gmail you can send you message to bill@weewillystine.net.


This link will address a "subscription" request e-mail to get e-mail notifications when we've updated the site. Just hit your "send" button to make the request. (Things you add in the subject and body fields will be ignored.) In a minute or so our web site will send you an e-mail asking you to confirm your request for a subscription. "Reply" to that message and you will receive another e-mail to confirm your subscription.

As above, if you're using web-page based e-mail you can send an empty message to updates-subscribe@weewillystine.net.

If you subscribe, we promise not to send you any spam or advertisements. And, your e-mail address wil be hidden from others.


Finally, you can unsubscribe to e-mail notifications at any time by sending an e-mail from your subscription address to updates-unsubscribe@weewillystine.net.