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Whistwind at Anchor

We sold Whistwind, our pride & joy sailboat featured in our "Bahamas Bound" adventure. We owned this 1983 O'Day 34 since new and equipped and maintained her very well. She's ready to take her new owners cruising and racing for many years to come. Check out her particulars right here.

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A link to the Tin Tent Tour Video is finally included on the website.

I think it's pretty good viewing!

Welcome to the personal web space of Bill & Sandy Stine!

We are fortunate to have been able to retire early. Typically, we spend our summers sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and our winters cross-country skiing, mostly in the northeast US. But we're also doing our best to take advantage of our situation to have a few other adventures.

The site is about some of those special adventures as well as a few other things. Most of you will read it simply to keep up with what's going on with us. Hopefully, it will also inspire some folks to head out on their own.

We certainly welcome folks who have questions or comments about the things we're doing to contact us by e-mail. There's a CONTACT link on the navigation menu on the left side of every page. You can also "subscribe" to get occasional e-mail notifications when we've updated the site.

However you use our site, remember, it's a work in progress.

We hope you enjoy it!

Cross Country Skiing

Kick 'n Gliders at Chateaugay State Forest, NY
Kick 'n Gliders at Chateaugay State Forest, NY

For us, most years begin in northern Vermont with our Nordic ski club, the Kick 'n Gliders. The club is unique in our area and is quite active, running between twelve and fourteen weekend to week-long trips each year. Trips are planned and run by individual members of the club with no remuneration beyond the privilege of getting to pick the bedroom of their choice. We usually rent a house or an entire B&B and often prepare our own meals. This not only saves money but helps reinforce the extended, family-like nature of the club.

A few of our club's trips are covered in the "XC Skiing" portion of this site.


Whistwind Anchored in Cocoa, FL
Whistwind Anchored in Cocoa, FL

We've been sailing for many years. Beginning with a 14 ft board-boat, we began developing our skills on state park lakes. Hankering for more of the same, we purchased a 24 ft, trailerable Venture sailboat which we kept on Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Chesapeake is, perhaps, the most idyllic sailboat cruising venue in the world. The world's largest estuary, it is more than 200 miles long, covers about 4,400 square miles and boasts an incredible number of secure anchorages.

After more than 30 years, a couple of boat changes in the Chesapeake and having chartered extensively in the Caribbean, we decided to take a more adventurous trip aboard our own boat. So, in October of 2003 we left to spend eight months sailing our boat, a 1983, 34-ft O'Day sailboat we call Whistwind, down the ICW to spend the winter in the Bahamas.

That trip is covered in the section entitled "Bahamas Bound".

Travel Adventures

Wind Tower in Dubai
Wind Tower in Dubai

For our first adventure after retiring, we took a trip around the world in 1999/2000 to visit Australian friends who live in Melbourne. On our way we did a self-directed, ten-day stint in New Zealand. On our way home we made another stop to a nephew and his wife who were living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Except for a stint in Korea while in the Army, a small amount of overseas business travel and a whirlwind European tour, this was our first trip abroad. We had a ball! Exploring the cultures and the lands was exhilarating and spending time with our friends was just great. We just knew that there would be much more travel in our future.

This trip is detailed in the "Round the World" section of the site.

Sandy in Front of Aliner
Sandy in Front of Aliner
We spent the warm months of 2006 touring many of the US National Parks, towing our hard-sided Aliner pop-up camper. The trip was about as unstructured as we could make it. We left in the spring with the goal of visiting a bunch of interesting places and wanted to be home for Thanksgiving with our families. We got home some six months, 22,000 miles and 100 campsites later. Without a doubt, we met both goals and more! We called this trip our "Tin Tent Tour".
Other Stuff ...

This site also covers a couple of other things of importance to us. "Cancer Strikes" covers Bill's bout with neck cancer. (Nine years later the treatments still appear to have been a complete success!)

And, "Log of the Wawa" contains the log entries of Bill's great grandfather's powerboat trip through the rivers, lakes and canals of Canada, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the year 1910. It was quite a trip, especially when you realize just how remote some of the areas were in 1910!