Frisco to Vicksburg, MS
Sunday, October 13, 2013
Heavy overcast, clearing but muggy toward end of day

Hugs and kisses marked our departure from Bob & Bev's home. And, getting underway about 9:15, we began our three-leg drive to Florida and our next round of visits.

This day's drive took us through the rest of Texas, Louisiana and into the edge of Mississippi at Vicksburg. It was an easy drive, mostly flat and, finally, getting green! Along the way we noticed our first cotton fields. Arriving in Vicksburg, we set up camp at Magnolia RV Park & Resort just about 5:00 pm.

Lots of Naked Ladies were on Display in Vicksburg

First settled in the early 1700s, Vicksburg was forced to surrender during the Civil War after a long siege. That Union victory, along with success at Gettysburg, are regarded as the turning point of the war. We drove into town to see what we could after hours. Most of the original, old homes were burned during the war but enough remain to make a nice tour.

Anchuca is One of Few Remaining Pre-Civil War Mansions in Vicksburg

Coca Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg but we didn't get to see the original candy store that is now a museum. We were struck by the number and architectural style of the churches in town.

Dinner was sautéed maple chicken sausage and veggies over pasta.

Vicksburg to Grayton Beach State Park, FL
Monday, October 14, 2013
Sunny & gorgeous, high 80s

On the road by 8:30, we had a steady drive with no significant stops. Driving through Mobile, we glimpsed many beautiful, large old homes. The city is worth another look at another time.

We were lucky to find a campsite at Grayton Beach SP. We stayed here in 2006 and remembered its nice, shaded campsites just a short walk to beach.

We decided on dinner at Pizza by the Sea a few miles away in Water Color. Along the way we drove through Seaside, a recently developed, high end, high density seaside community. The place is very attractive and we'll try to return to see it in daylight.

Oh, yeah, Pizza by the Sea? A bit pricey but they had excellent GF pizza!

Grayton Beach State Park, FL
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Sunny to partly cloudy, high 70s

We started our day transcribing travel notes. Then, Sandy headed to the beach while Bill began writing website stuff. By early afternoon, freshly showered and done with work, we headed for Water Colors and Seaside for a daytime tour. As it turns out, these small communities appear to have been around longer than it appeared last evening. But the size of the communities and extent of the larger homes sort of blew us away. This is a really nice area!

We took a few pictures, shopped the small boutiques along the beach and walked down to the beautiful, white, sugar-sand beach with its row of blue beach umbrellas. We especially liked the six old Airstream campers that were converted to roadside food stands along the road. Cute!

Half-a-Dozen Converted Airstream Campers Serve as Sidewalk Carry=Out Restaurants in Seaside

Outdoor Boutique Bazzar at Seaside

After enjoying a couple of happy hour drinks at Great Southern Café in Seaside we returned to the camper and made a dinner of stir fried vegetables and chicken.