Amarillo to Frisco, TX
Thursday, October 10, 2013
Sunny & gorgeous, mid 80s

Hitting the road about 8:30, we were greeted by flat, flat and more flat!

This part of the country was all about cattle and feeding cattle. Cattle were grazing nearly everywhere. And, where they weren't grazing there were huge fields filled, at this time of year, with bales of hay to feed still more cattle.

Along the way:

  • Sign for the "It'll Do" motel in Clarinton, TX
  • Huge grain silos situated along railroad tracks
  • Oil wells here and there
  • Massive electrical transmission lines from where and to where we couldn't tell, but there sure were lots of 'em!

We arrived at the Frisco, TX, home of Bahamas sailing friends, Bob & Bev, late in the afternoon. They have a beautiful new home in a 55-and-over community there. The home was just being spec'ed out when we last visited in 2006. The design and décor is very nice. Their collection of art is outstanding!

With Bev and Bob in Front of Their Home in Frisco

Bev treated us to a delicious dinner of beef brisket. We talked until we could barely hold our eyes open any more at which time we retired to our very own "suite" of rooms. Too much!

Frisco, TX
Friday, October 11, 2013
Sunny & gorgeous, mid 80s, getting muggy

Downtown Dallas was on the agenda for the day, specifically, the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Housed in a uniquely designed building, the exhibits are nearly all interactive, designed to especially appeal to kids and young adults. To be sure, we enjoyed it as well. There lots to see and do here, but be prepared for an active, noisy experience since the place hosts tons of groups of kids!

Not Much is Conventional about Appearance of Perot Museum, Including Exterior Glass Escalator

Technology Display Floor Popular with Kids of All Ages

Building Captures Reflection of Neighbor in Downtown Dallas Skyline

Lunch was at Liberty Burger, a local establishment currently building their third location. The burgers were outstanding and gluten free buns were available for Sandy. Their motto: "Give me Liberty or let me starve!" We wish this "chain" great success.

Afterwards, we picked up Bob & Bev's grandkids. (Bob & Bev were on special duty since their daughter's nanny was on vacation.)

Later, we had a not-so-light dinner at one of Bob & Bev's favorite Mexican restaurants.

Frisco, TX
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Partly cloudy & muggy, mid 80s

We all got up late and had a relaxing morning. Bob played tennis with his regular group. Bev & Sandy went to the pool and hot tub. And Bill worked on rescuing Bev's laptop from the slowed-down-beyond-usability doldrums. (It needed to lose a bunch of bad-actor programs and get a memory upgrade. When Bob got home we made a quick trip for the needed laptop memory and installed it. Sandy & Bev went discount store shopping in the afternoon while Bob & Bill watched the Texas Longhorns upset the Oklahoma Sooners. Finally, we all sat down to watch the edge-of-your-seat Penn State vs Michigan game.

The game was recording so, with a tied-up score at the end of regulation play, we sat down to a delicious steak dinner. Returning to the TV we discovered that the recording had stopped at the end of regulation! Arggggggggh! A quick on-line look told us of the amazing quadruple overtime and the Penn State win. So, it turned out to be quite an exciting football day with both our favorite teams pulling out wins in exciting games!