Moab to Denver, CO
Saturday, October 5, 2013
Sunny and Gorgeous, 34 deg, low 70s

We left the campground just after 7:00 on our way to Denver, CO. We'd done this drive before and looked forward to it since much of it follows the course of the Colorado River as it makes its way down from the Rockies. Most of the drive is on I-70 which, in the higher portion, was uniquely constructed to preserve the run of the river.

Interstate 70 Following Colorado River in High Rockies used Unique Constructions Techniques

We'd delayed our departure from Moab by a day because snow was predicted in the high mountains. I wasn't anxious to tow the camper at interstate highway speeds in the snow. The delay was a good idea since they actually did get about half a foot along the course of the road in the areas of Vail Pass (10,603 ft elevation) and the Eisenhower Tunnel (11,158 ft).

The payoff for us was the snow-covered scenery. We'd sort of despaired of seeing much in the way of fall colors. However, we were delighted to see the scenery along the higher elevations. There were the bright yellows of the aspens, the reds of berry shrubs and the deep green of the conifers all displayed against the snow-dusted mountainsides. It was beautiful!

Fall Colors Very Pretty in Rockies

Along the way we passed the ski areas of Beaver Creek and Vail, among others. They were actually making snow on the slopes at Vail on Oct 5 and we saw a cross country skier making her way across a golf course!

Light Snow Emphasizes Rock Formations in Mountains

We arrived at the home of our sailboat cruising friend, Elaine, around 3:00. There we met Ed, with whom she now shares her life. Of course we got a tour of the house they are living in. It's Ed's house and, with Elaine's help, it's been recently redone inside. The exterior was awaiting the arrival of a stucco crew who will replaster the outside.

We enjoyed lots of conversation over a delicious dinner by of chicken parmesan prepared by Elaine.

Denver, CO
Sunday, October 6, 2013
Sunny and gorgeous, high 70s in Denver

After breakfast, we all took a walk around the development. They are in a golfing community with a beautiful clubhouse and golf course. There are excellent views of snow-covered mountains in the distance. Afterwards, Elaine and Sandy went shopping while Bill and Ed busied themselves with a few light chores. Our relaxing day was topped off by watching the Broncos-Cowboys game followed by dinner at the C B & Potts Restaurant and Brewery.

Visiting Elaine and Ed in their Home in Denver, CO

All-in-all, an excellent day!